ZEN@TERRA est une solution qui permet aux agriculteurs de changer la pression de leurs machines tout en travaillant.


ZEN@TERRA is a solution which allows the farmers to change machine pressures whilst working.

It is a simple, automatic system and is what farmers and contractors asked from Michelin to help improve their efficiency and protect their soil. It allows them to take advantage of ultra-low pressure tyres in the field, but then quickly adjust to have higher pressures when on roads. Engineers have been working for 3 years on its development to achieve the best results for farmers, and as always at Michelin with special attention paid to quality and reliability. The system was developed in liaison with farmers, and collaboration with PTG and Téléflow which was a key part of making this project happen and achieving its goal. Michelin will introduce this innovative solution for HHP tractors to the market in 2018.