Service life with wear and tear on tough surfaces

  • Similar tread life of the MICHELIN Stabil’X XZSL tire
  • Improved durability of the sidewall

Impact and puncture resistant

  • Radial tire with 3 metal plies (1 casing ply and 2 crown plies)
  • +1/10 in. sidewall thickness in comparison to a MICHELIN Stabil’X XZSL tire
  • Protective trash guard

Successor to the MICHELIN Stabil’X XZSL

  • Longer service life due to resistance to wear and tear and punctures
  • Less down-time from damages and punctures
Dimensions by rim size
260/70 R16.5 129A8/129B TL
300/70 R16.5 137A8/137B TL