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EXCELLENT productivity throughout your TYRE’S LIFE, NO MATTER WHAT distances you have to cover

Superb 360° stability

  • 2 additional lugs extending to the shoulder*
  • multidirectional tread blocks
  • high bridging


Damages and cuts resistance

  • + 57% thicker sidewall*
  • materials based on Michelin Power CL technology



Improved service life

  • + 2 casing plies*
  • homogeneous rubber distribution on the tread


* compared to the market leader

Diamond tread pattern, an innovative technology


Tread pattern successfully used for Bibload.
It provides more contact with the road surface than a bar based tread pattern.
More resistance to wear and tear with less vibration for a smoother ride.
Hexagonal tread blocks and Michelin cross ply technology provide even tread wear throughout the service life of the tyre.

Dimensions by rim size
10.00-20 165A2/147B 16PR TT