Ballasting Tires

Ballasting tires with a liquid

In certain cases, to increase the adherence weight or lower the machine’s center of gravity, with Tubeless tires and ones with a standard Inner Tube, weighing tires with a liquid is one solution.

Agricultural tire valves are of the “air and water type”.  Therefore, filling up to a maximum of 75 % maximum (diagram 1), with liquid (water + antifreeze) is possible (volume indicated on the product data sheet size page).
In winter, as temperatures may fall below zero, a Glycol-based antifreeze product should be used.
With the valve at the top, fill the inner tube or Tubeless tire up to the height of the valve, at the same time allowing the air to escape (Diagram 2).

Inflation and pressure are adjusted to the air.

Since the volume of air responsible for pressure is low (around 25% of the volume), regular monitoring of the pressure is essential. We recommend verification on a monthly basis.

Ballasting of Tubeless tires with liquid

  1. Fit and position the tire, see hypertext link to “Inflation and positioning of beads”
  2. Deflate the tire to a low level of pressure (around 7psi 0.5 bars)
  3. Position the valve at the top
  4. Ballast the tire with liquid (water + antifreeze) up to a maximum of 75%, allowing the air to
    escape (Diagram 2),
  5. Finish inflation with air and adjust the pressure